Indroduction to Breeds: The Affenpinscher

Description : The Affenpinscher originates from Germany and was bred originally for hunting small vermin hunting and as a lapdog . It's origins can be dated back to the 1600's. In France the Affenpinscher is known as the 'diablotin moustachu' meaning the moustached little devil or the " Monkey Dog" because it produces a monkey-like expression! Affenpinscher is derived from 'affen' meaning monkey and 'pinscher' meaning terrier. This dog is classified as one of the Toy Dog Group which we go on to describe in detail in the section at the bottom of this page. Name Facts and Dog Names: This dog's name is often referred to as the German Affenpinscher. The word Pinscher is often mis-spelt as Affenpincher and Affenpinsher.


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